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The cutistick is a cuticle moisturizing agent meant to add a healthy and saturated touch to the cuticles and nails. It works as the last coat and 3rd step of the LOC (lubircant, oil, and cream) method for the essential nail care regimen. It is the sealant that acts to close in all moisture to the nails and cuticles allowing it to obtain shine and health.


  • This is a nail product. This is not to be used as a lip balm (though it may not cause harm), it is specified for the nails/cuticles. 

  • Avodcado oil- great source of biotin, which helps promote healthy nail growth. Also has magnesium and potassium; seals the cuticle cells, which can help the nails look smooth and shiny and prevent from breaking

    Castor oil- smooths and nourishes the nails, promotes cuticle health, prevents breakage, and purifies the nails and cuticles

    Acacia concinna- a.k.a shikakai. Includes vitamins A, C, D, E, and K. Works like a gentle cleanser

    Peppermint oil- increases blood flow circulation and improves nail growth

    Beeswax pallets- the wax substance used for the moisture sticks

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