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DIRTY Growth Water, also known as, Deliberate Intrinsic Really True Yolk Growth Water is the liquid portion of the hair growth combo. With natural ingredients, along with added vitamins, this is set to moisturize the hair and act as the base with the LOC (liquid, oil, cream) method for further moisturization. 

D.I.R.T.Y Growth Water

  • Shake to activate before every use. Avoid getting in eyes or mouth, if occurence happens, rinse with warm water.


  • Rice water- aids in development of hair growth

    Rosemary- like peppermint, strengthens circulation. Prevents hair loss

    Saw palmetto- promotes hair growth and helps with thinning

    Hydrolyzed collagen- provides thicker hair, healthier scalp, assists in building keratin, and prevents hair from graying out

    Common nettle- helps restore original hair color and hair re-growth. Rich in silica and sulfur which aids in shinier and healthier hair. Helps with hair loss

    Peppermint- increases blood flow circulation, improves hair growth, and prevents some hair loss

    Lemon- a natural preservative

    Flaxseed- increases circulation on the scalp and prevents breakage

    Tocotrienols- mega vitamin E. Helps promote hair growth

    Bitter leaf- provides necessary protein and moisture for hair growth

    Lemongrass- deep cleans the scalp. Rids of dirt and pollutants in the hair follicles. Reduces hair fallout and results in hair growth. Also allows relief from scalp irritation

    Aloe vera- contains vitamins A, C, and E which contributes to cell turnover; promotes healthy cell growth and shiny hair. And includes vitamin B12 and folic acid, which keeps your hair from falling out. 

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