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The nail growth gel is the primary product to the L.O.C (liquid/ lubircant, oil, and cream) method of the essential nail care line. Its enriching and nourishing main ingredient being aloe, along with the added ingredients supplements an astonishing amount of growth and strength to the base of your nail!

Nail Gel

  • Saw palmetto- promotes growth and helps with thinning

    Aloe vera- contains vitamins A, C, and E which contributes to cell turnover. Promotes healthy cell growth and shiny nails

    Tocotrienols- mega vitamin E. Helps promote growth 

    Hydrolyzed collagen- provides thicker and healthier nails. Assissts in building keratin

    Flaxseed- increases blood flow circulation and prevents breakage

    Lemongrass- works as a deep cleanser. Rids of dirt and pollutants. 

    Vitamin B- encourages healthy cell rejuvenation. Promotes consistent and faster nail growth

    Common nettle- helps restore original nail color. Rich in silica and sulfur which aids in shinier and healthier nails

    Lemon-  works as a natural presevative

    Arrowroot- natural gel solidifier

    Triethanolamine- Ph balancer 

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